Interactive Sunday Service

**Watch Online if you are unable to attend in person!**

New Interactive Streamcast Sundays 7:00 PM Click here

Due to ongoing technical difficulties we are changing our “Live” services to an interactive pre-recorded format. Please tune in and discuss on Sundays if you’re online. If you can’t make it to church or would like to stay in your pajamas, or any other reason, we’d like to have you watch Sundays 7:00 PM

All Are Welcome to arrive early and fellowship online by chatting and praying together 30 minutes before service. Our hopes are that people can fellowship with one another even over distances.

Worship (sing!) with our worship team as God’s talented singers, musicians and guests~lead everyone in songs of praise.

Sermons are taught by Pastor Josh Best and sometimes, a guest teacher!
Josh teaches from the Bible and will teach whole books from the bible, so if you miss any sermons, you may watch or listen to past sermons in our archives.
*Past Sermons – Video Archives: (VIDEO – CLICK HERE)
*Past Sermons – Audio Archives: (AUDIO – CLICK HERE)


16 Comments on “Interactive Sunday Service”

  • Scott Bergerton January 4, 2015 am31 10:41 am .

    miss you all so much godbless you

  • Scott Bergerton October 12, 2014 am31 9:56 am .

    i said i would chat with you online hope all is well god bless you all tell the guys from the hose i said hi big hugs all around

  • Joshua Best September 7, 2013 pm30 9:33 pm .

    Your gonna be blessed!

  • Noelle & Brad May 15, 2013 am31 8:11 am .

    We LOVE YOU JOSH AND FAMILY!!!! Thank you and thank God for our church! It truely feels great to be part of the family of God.

  • Jon & Linda February 24, 2013 am28 11:30 am .

    Beautiful worship!! Excellent teaching on the Holy Spirit!
    Thank you Pastor Jim for ‘feeding’ us so well this morning.
    Such a blessed time.

  • Josh February 10, 2013 pm28 3:57 pm .

    Thx Jon & Linda! It’s great to have your support. What a wonderful thing it is being a part of the family of God!!!

  • Jon & Linda February 10, 2013 pm28 3:51 pm .

    Sunday mornings at Hosanna City Church…always a huge blessing! Thank you Lord!

  • Jon & Linda February 3, 2013 pm28 5:11 pm .

    Another amazing service! We both said “wish we lived in Palm Springs” (once our retirement dream)….but we wait…on You Lord. :-) Got that message Josh and many more! Loved the “wrestling” portion too. Prayers for your passion for the Lord to continually grow.

  • Seth WIjnhamer January 20, 2013 am31 10:18 am .

    Man Josh, do I miss you dude! really blessed by this! hopefully i can come down and see you soon!

  • Linda & Jon January 6, 2013 pm31 3:20 pm .

    What a blessing the service was this morning! You did an amazing job at conveying God’s message! Please say “HI” to Carrie, the girls and Steve.

    Hugs and love to you all,

    Jon & Linda

  • Linda & Jon January 6, 2013 am31 10:11 am .

    We are with you spiritually and virtually this a.m. Praise the Lord.

    • JoshBest

      JoshBest January 6, 2013 pm31 3:16 pm .

      Awesome! It’s great having your support out there!!!

  • Linda & Jon December 9, 2012 am31 11:32 am .

    Tuned in for communion service and worship at the end. Praise God! Awesome worship time. Love to you all.

  • James n Dory September 2, 2012 am30 11:19 am .

    Great Job Alex! So much good stuff in today’s message. Praise God!

  • James n Dory September 2, 2012 am30 10:22 am .

    Great to be able to worship God with yall online. See you in person soon.

  • JoshBest

    JoshBest August 16, 2012 pm31 4:29 pm .

    Watching live and running some test streams right now! Its gonna be sick!