Pastor Josh Best


Description:In this Message, Pastor Josh teaches on what True discipleship looks like and takes from Jesus's Words in Mark 8

Come To Me

Pastor Josh Best


Description:Join us as Pastor Josh teaches How and Why we need to come to Jesus from Matthew 14!!!

Follow Him

Pastor Josh Best


Description:In this week's message, Pastor Josh goes over how to be transformed by Jesus in Luke 5.

The Big Idea

Pastor Josh Best


Description:Join us as Pastor Josh goes over "The Big Idea' of the Preachers Teaching in Ecclesiastes 12!


Pastor Josh Best


Description:In Today's Message Pastor Josh talks about how to escape worry through faith from Ecclesiastes 11


Pastor Josh Best


Description:Pastor Josh continues the series Under the Sun. Do you ever feel your possessions are possessing you? Today in Ecclesiastes chapter five we learn from Solomon that the love of money is meaningless.Recorded live at Hosanna City Church on Sunday May 27, 2018, Cathedral City, CA.


Pastor Josh Best


Description:Pastor Josh Best continues our study through the Book of Ecclesiastes chapter 4.Hosanna City Church May 13th, 2018

The Importance of Community

Pastor Josh Best


Description:Join us in Learning Where Loneliness and disconnect come from and how to fix them with the Preacher in Ecclesiastes 4!!

A Time For Everything

Pastor Josh Best


Description:Join us as we learn to use our time meaningfully from the Preacher in Ecclesiastes 3

Under The Sun Pt 2

Pastor Josh Best


Description:Join us in Learning about the Preacher's Life Experience in Ecclesiastes 2!!!

Under The Sun Pt 1

Pastor Josh Best


Description:Finding Meaning in Life with the Teacher in Ecclesiastes 1

Peter's Last Will

Pastor Darin Begnaud


Description:Join us as we dig deeper into 2 Peter 1 With Pastor Darin Begnaud!!!

Easter 2018

Pastor Josh Best


Description:The path that gives us rest, peace and that takes away our sins is the path that Jesus walked for us. Today on Easter Sunday, we remember the resurrection of Jesus and celebrate the eternal rest He's promised to all who follow Him!Hosanna City ChurchApril 1st, 2018

Koinonia Pt 2

Pastor Josh Best


Description:Pastor Josh encourages us to stay in fellowship and grow together in the faith. Listen in as we continue with part 2 of our latest series called Koinonia!Hosanna City ChurchMarch 25th, 2018

Koinonia Pt 1

Pastor Josh Best


Description:Pastor Josh Best begins a new series called Koinonia. Today's text is from the Book of Ecclesiastes.Hosanna City ChurchMarch 18, 2018

I Am Jonah Pt 4: "Jonah's Heart"

Pastor Josh Best


Description:Jonah's heart: in today's message we finish the book of Jonah. It's in these last chapters that we see what Jonah's heart issue has been all along. God loves the nations and has called us to share his truth. Sermon taught by Pastor Josh Best from Hosanna City Church on 3/11/18.Jonah chapters 3-4

"Survivng Life's Trials"

Pastor Josh Best


Description:In today's message, Pastor Josh Best teaches us that the trials of life have a purpose and can lead to Joy in Jesus! Listen in as we study the book of James, chapter 1.March 4th, 2018Hosanna City Church

I Am Jonah "Jonah's Discipline"

Pastor Josh Best


Description:In today's message Pastor Josh explains what life is like when we are running from God. We run but God's love is relentless in pursuing us!

I Am Jonah "Principle of the Path"

Pastor Josh Best


Description:We continue in our series "I Am Jonah", and Pastor Josh encourages us that the decisions that we make today affect our destination and more importantly our destiny.

I Am Jonah "Autonomy"

Pastor Josh Best


Description:Hosanna City Church launches our new series "I Am Jonah". Pastor Josh uses Jonah to warn us about the danger of Autonomy!

5 Second Rule "Anger"

Pastor Josh Best


Description:We are encouraged by Pastor Josh that we have to control our Anger and not allow it let us sin... and the best way for us to accomplish that is through the "5 Second Rule".

"Be...Strong" Ephesians 6

Pastor Josh Best


Description:Pastor Josh closes our "Be..." series by encouraging us to "BE...Strong".


Pastor Kyle McHolland


Description:Pastor Kyle McHolland, our Youth and Children's Pastor, encourages us that a house becomes a home when Humility is practiced.

"Be...One" Ephesians 5

Pastor Josh Best and Carries Best


Description:"The Pulpit Just Got A Lot Cuter Today!" Pastor Josh was joined by his lovely wife Carrie, as they co-taught Ephesians 5. They encouraged us what a Godly marriage looks like and challenged us to fight for Oneness in our marriages.

"Shattered" John 11

Josh Best


Description:We welcome back Pastor Josh Best as he shows us in John 11 how Jesus can use our Shattered lives to do amazing things in us and through us for His Glory

"Be...Wise" Ephesians 5:15-21

Josh Best


Description:Have you ever stepped on a Lego barefoot? And it was probably because you weren't watching where you walked. Today, Pastor Josh shares the importance of walking and using our time wisely.

"Be...Different" Ephesians 5:1-14

Alex Sanchez


Description:Because we are new creations in Christ shouldn't our lives look differently from the world? In today's message, Pastor Alex encourages us to make Jesus our Lord and Savior because we imitate what we elevate.

"Be...New" Ephesians 4:17-32

Craig Lyneis


Description:We all love sports, and so does Pastor Craig! Today he teaches that we are New Creations, and as New Creations we need to get in the game!

"Be...A Healthy Body" Ephesians 4:1-16

Chris Wagner


Description:Pastor Chris teaches from Ephesians 4 and encourages us to be a healthy Church marked by unity, diversity and spiritual maturity.

Ephesians 3

Mike Mills


Description:Guest speaker Mike Mills teaches from Ephesians 3. He points out the three main subjects in Ephesians 3 is the revelation of Jesus to Paul, God's call on Paul's life and the intercession of Paul for the local church of Ephesis. The conclusion: God get's all the glory in our lives.

"Be...One" Ephesians 2:11-22

Alex Sanchez


Description:We have all heard the saying that "pride comes before the fall." Today, Pastor Alex continues our "BE" series by sharing with us from Ephesians 2:11-22 the importance of humility in our lives so we can all BE ONE!

"Be...A Masterpiece" Ephesians 2:1-10

Craig Lyneis


Description:We continue through our "Be" series with a message from guest speaker Craig Lyneis called, "Be A Masterpiece." The text for our message is from Ephesians chapter 2

"Be...A Child Of God" Ephesians 1:3-17

Alex Sanchez


Description:Identity crisis can happen not only at 14, but also at 24, 34, and 44! Join us today as Pastor Alex begins our new Bible series called "Be" from the book of Ephesians.

“Seeking” Psalm 34:4-14

Chris Wagoner


Description:Pastor Chris teaches how seeking the Lord decreases our fears, changes our direction and brings true satisfaction to our souls. Watch and listen as he takes us through Psalm 34:4-14.Aug. 20th, 2017Hosanna City Church

Psalm 34:1-3

Chris Wagoner


Description:When things don't happen when you want them to cause you to loose faith in God? Do you ever question where God is in your times of struggle? Today, Pastor Chris teaches from Psalm 34:1-3 about the promises of God and how he is always faithful even when we don't see his presence in our lives. Sunday, Aug. 13th, 2017Hosanna City Church

“Attitude of Gratitude”

Kyle Mcholland


Description:Today Hosanna City Church ordained Kyle McHolland as a pastor! For his life message he teaches a messaged titled "Attitude of Gratitude."

“What You Sow"

Darin Begnaud


Description:Have you ever broke a bone? They hurt! And they hurt even more when we have broken bones reset. Today, Pastor Darren shares from Galatians ch.6 the importance of restoring our brothers spiritually, that when we are overtaken, we who are spiritual are to restore our brothers in gentleness. Hosanna City Church, Sunday July 30, 2017

“Ministry of Reconciliation"

Monte Wright


Description:Pastor Monte Wright teaches a message called "Ministry of Reconciliation."Sunday, July 23, 2017.Second Service

“Grow in Grace”

Henry Lundy


Description:Guest Pastor Henry Lundy teaches about growing in the grace of God from 1 Peter.Sunday, July 16th, 2017.

Ekklesia 2:42- Pt 4- “Love One Another”

Alex Sanchez


Description:Is church supposed to serve me? Today, Pastor Alex answers by sharing the importance of Love, and that of Christ and Others. Join us as we study Acts 2:42 and John 13:34-35 and how we can love better. Given at Hosanna City Church.

Ekklesia 2:42 Part 3- “Devoted Prayer”

Chris Wagoner


Description:Pastor Chris Wagner continues our Ekklesia 2:42 series with a message encouraging us to pray together as a church body.

Ekklesia 2:42 Part 2- “Collectivistic Church Culture”

Chris Wagoner


Description:Pastor Chris teaches today from John 17 about the unity of the church and the love and support we are commanded by Jesus to show to one another.

Ekklesia 2:42 Part 1- “Devoted”

Josh Best


Description:What is "church" all about? In this new series, Pastor Josh helps us look inward at how we can understand God's vision of what is "church" and how we can be the church He has designed us to be by studying Acts 2:42. Sunday June 18, 2017 at Hosanna City Church, Cathedral City.Acts 2:42-47

#RelationshipGoals 6: “Generosity”

Josh Best


Description:If God could write you a letter saying it's more blessed to give than to receive, would you change your lifestyle to become a giver rather than a consumer? Today, Pastor Josh teaches an important lesson about giving from Proberbs 3:9-10 and Acts 20:35.

#RelationshipGoals: “Governments & Authorities”

Josh Best


Description:In our daily struggle with relationships, Pastor Josh focuses in on our relationship with the government and those in authority over us. Join us as we search the Bible for the correct answer and response to those above us.

Evangelism- Peyton Jones- May 28, 2017

Peyton Jones


Description:Evangelism...a word that sometimes scares us! However, today Pastor Peyton Jones shares with us a few simple scriptures that teach us Evangelism is us just being ourselves and using the gifts God has given us. Listen in as Pastor Peyton share a bunch of stories and scripture to remind us evangelism is us depending on God to do God's work. Shared Sunday, May 28, 2016 at Hosanna City Church.

#RelationshipGoals: “Guardrails 4- Parents and Children”

Alex Sanchez


Description:Listen in as Pastor Alex continues with part 4 in our Guardrails series called "Parents and Children". For us as parents, the biggest win we can have in our children's life is that they grown up to love Jesus! Watch and learn from scripture and let's continue to train up our children!

#RelationshipGoals: “Guardrails 3- Friendship and Influence”

Josh Best


Description:In our relationships we influence and can be influenced. Today in part 3 of our Guardrails series, Pastor Josh wants us to not only recognize the warning lights that indicate a dangerous relationship, but to also recognize the situations where we can influence others for the good. Listen in as we find this balance together!