The Link For Love is an online tool that allows us to come together as a community to make sure our Church family's needs are met.

Acts 4:32 All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.

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I'm in Need

  • This form gives you the ability to request assistance for you or someone you know in the form of essentials such as: food, water, toilet paper, soap, medicine, etc.

  • If you are among those that are at-risk to the virus and would like someone to make a grocery run or some other essential, local errand, you can make a request for that, as well.

  • We will be directly in touch with you to discover how we can help and serve you shortly after you fill out this form. 

I’d Love To Share

  • This form gives you the ability to apply as someone who can provide for any of the needs listed above.

  • For example you may have an abundant supply or ability to provide essentials (food, water, toilet paper, soap, medicine, etc).

  • Or you may want to offer yourself as an “essential-errand-runner” of some kind (prescription pick-up, grocery run, life-essentials delivery).

  • Whatever you choose, our church administrator will contact you with details about the need and you will then be able to confirm that you can meet this need.

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Everyone has a Next Step. What's Yours?

We believe Hosanna can be more than a place you call church on Sunday mornings. It can become a family and community that you belong to. Following Jesus is a journey, and there is a step we can take in each leg or that journey. Our hope is that you would know God and make Him known. We would love to help you take your next step at Hosanna City Church. 

Welcome to Hosanna

We're so excited that you're considering making our church, your church.

Hosanna City is a Church where you will feel at home the moment you walk through the through the front doors. We strive to make every visitor, an attender, and every attender a family member!


Love God. Love Others.

See what God can do through you.

We want to see you and your family thrive. We've got coffee and hugs (you know, if you want them) waiting for you this Sunday at 10 am! 

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Each week every Hosanna City Church location open the Bible to discuss, learn and teach.  We believe the Bible is life-changing and God uses it to equip us with the tools we need to live an abundant life. 

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