Our Leadership

Sean Jones

Sean Jones first heard the good news of Jesus Christ at the turn of the century, after spending 28 years in this world serving himself. A man came to him in Portland, Oregon and shared the Gospel, asking Sean to accept Jesus into his heart as Lord and Savior. Before this, Sean believed that he had accomplished everything that would be good for him in his secular life. The truth was the complete opposite. The more he obtained earthly goals and possessions, the more he was filled with a deep emptiness and bound by despair. That day, Sean chose to receive Jesus as the Savior and Lord of his life and God turned his whole life around.

Sean felt led to move from Oregon to California, desiring to bust free from all the addictions and hang-ups that were holding him back from knowing God’s goodness. It started in his heart where no one could see. He no longer felt pleasure from the things that he once sought for comfort and started finding great joy and peace in seeking and knowing Jesus. Because of this, Sean began to identify the things in his life that were in opposition to God and removed them, by His grace. Soon after, God hooked him up big time with his beautiful, encouraging, and Spirit-filled wife: Anna.

In 2006, Sean was called to begin serving the Body of Christ after the Jones’ second son went to be with the Lord as an infant. He began devoting himself to ministry with everything that he had. Since then, Sean has witnessed countless miracles and gifts from the hands of our Father that testify to the fact that God can do all things by the resurrection power of the Spirit. Jesus is so much more than just a good teacher or a person in history who exemplifies love. If you have never received Jesus as the Lord of Creation, the Lover of your soul, and an intimate, personal Savior, do it right now and watch your life be radically transformed for the rest of eternity!

Robb Pierce

Executive Pastor | robb@hosannacitychurch.com

Robb met Jesus at age 13 while visiting with his grandparents for a week. The Lord clearly spoke to him, so he started following Jesus and immediately began serving on short-term missions work around the world. He eventually became a full time missionary to Uganda for 5 years in 2016 where he met his wife, Joanne. Robb has been connected to Hosanna City Church since 2014 when he served with the youth group for a few years. Upon returning to the States in the beginning of 2021, he joined our staff as the Executive Pastor.

Alan Littlejohn

Care Ministries Pastor | alan@hosannacitychurch.com

Growing up, Alan’s family only attended church at Easter and Christmas and he believed that he was a Christian. It wasn’t until he was in his thirties that he and his wife, Barbara, heard the Gospel clearly presented at a business conference. At that moment, it was abundantly clear that they were not saved, and they accepted Jesus into their hearts that morning. Alan became active in various ministries of the church and studied to become a pastor. He has served in several churches over the last 35 years but feels that the people of Hosanna City Church are the most loving, God-worshiping, and God-serving people that he has had the pleasure to serve with.

Gavin Trinidad

NextGen Pastor | gavin@hosannacitychurch.com

Gavin was born in the Coachella Valley to a Christian family and has been following Jesus since a young age.  In 2013, Gavin attended a church summer camp in West Virginia where he felt God was calling him to pastoral ministry. During his senior year of high school, a friend invited him to play worship at his school’s Christian club. From there, he was invited to a Hosanna City Youth event and started coming to youth group. After graduating high school, Gavin stepped into the Youth Pastor role in 2018 and the Children’s Pastor role in 2019. Gavin met his wife, Summer, while serving at Hosanna and they both continue to love serving the children, youth, parents, volunteers, and anyone else God puts in their path!

Summer Trinidad

Events Coordinator & Early Childhood Director | summer@hosannacitychurch.com

Summer grew up in Redondo Beach and moved to the Coachella Valley in 2014. She began to attend Hosanna City Church that same year when her father became the youth pastor. Summer was saved at a youth summer camp in 2017 and started faithfully serving in children’s ministry while still in high school. She serves in the youth group alongside her husband, Gavin, and joined our staff as the Events Coordinator & Early Childhood Director in 2021.

Terrence Simms

Technology & A/V Director | tj@hosannacitychurch.com

Brandyn Roach

Brandyn was raised  in a Christian family and served a local congregation from a young age, but decided to fully surrender his life to Jesus in 2012 while a freshman at Point Loma Nazarene University. Brandyn was invited to Hosanna City Church by his wife, Cherisse, and her family. They decided to serve together as youth group leaders in 2016. While serving the youth, Brandyn reignited his passion for worship and started serving on the Worship Team. In 2018, he joined our staff as the Worship Leader. Brandyn is currently a daddy to two wonderful boys named Malakai and Luka and he hopes to continue to share his love and passion for music with his sons.

Oliver Trinidad

Multimedia Coordinator | oliver@hosannacitychurch.com

Oliver grew up in a Christian family and gave his life fully to the Lord at the age of 12 during a youth summer camp. Since then, he has developed a passion for worship and a heart of servitude. Oliver was invited to Hosanna in 2017 by his brother, Gavin, and immediately fell in love. He began serving in the Worship and A/V Ministries in 2018 and joined our staff as the Multimedia Coordinator in 2021. Oliver continues to serve as a member of the worship team and a manager of the A/V Booth whenever he can. He is currently studying Music Education and Contemporary Worship Music at Biola University with the dream of becoming a high-school Music Teacher after graduation.