Life Groups

Life Groups

Because Circles Are Better Than Rows

We all want to belong and to be known by others—God created us for community. But whether you’re scared of rejection, think you don’t have time in your schedule or have had bad experiences in the past, being part of community isn’t an option for believers; it’s a necessity.

Through Life Groups, we help you pursue biblical friendships and share in life together. Made up of men and women from all generations of life, these groups meet throughout the week for fellowship, care, prayer, accountability and even service projects within our community.

Life Groups aren’t something to observe; they’re something to experience. You are a participant in God’s story, with an active role to fulfill.

Youth fellowshiping.

Get Involved

Host a Group

You know that it's important to belong to a community, not just attend a church. What if you could help people find community, find family and become more like Jesus? The great news is 'You can,' and this is how.

Find Your Tribe

We Offer Several Types of Groups

Hosanna City Church - Step One - Topical



Connect with a group whose study is centering around a certain topic or book.

hosanna city church - step two - interest based


Interest Based

Some groups help connect you with people who share similar interests.

Life Group at Hosanna City Church


Age Based

Sometimes we just need community that happens to be in the same stage of life.