Sean Jones

Lead Pastor |

Sean Jones first heard the good news of Jesus Christ at the turn of the century, after spending 28 years in this world serving himself. A man came to him in Portland, Oregon and shared the Gospel, asking Sean to accept Jesus into his heart as Lord and Savior. Before this, Sean believed that he had accomplished everything that would be good for him in his secular life. The truth was the complete opposite. The more he obtained earthly goals and possessions, the more he was filled with a deep emptiness and bound by despair. That day, Sean chose to receive Jesus as the Savior and Lord of his life and God turned his whole life around.

Sean felt led to move from Oregon to California, desiring to bust free from all the addictions and hang-ups that were holding him back from knowing God’s goodness. It started in his heart where no one could see. He no longer felt pleasure from the things that he once sought for comfort and started finding great joy and peace in seeking and knowing Jesus. Because of this, Sean began to identify the things in his life that were in opposition to God and removed them, by His grace. Soon after, God hooked him up big time with his beautiful, encouraging, and Spirit-filled wife: Anna.

In 2006, Sean was called to begin serving the Body of Christ after the Jones’ second son went to be with the Lord as an infant. He began devoting himself to ministry with everything that he had. Since then, Sean has witnessed countless miracles and gifts from the hands of our Father that testify to the fact that God can do all things by the resurrection power of the Spirit. Jesus is so much more than just a good teacher or a person in history who exemplifies love. If you have never received Jesus as the Lord of Creation, the Lover of your soul, and an intimate, personal Savior, do it right now and watch your life be radically transformed for the rest of eternity!